ok guys, i just read an article from a blog and i saw this freewriting. so i am going to try it out now. what is the meaning of free-writing exactly? well literally it means write whatever you want in a limited time. you should write whatever comes into your mind. actually we are advised to not count the words and ignore the grammar mistakes and typos. but i just couldn’t leave my typos with a red line underneath it there so i defy the advice. ok back to free-writing. it aims to give writers inspiration on what to write and it is especially useful when writers come to a bottleneck in writing. just write freely without any confinement could bring out something useful for writers’ projects. creative writing might follow. if you don’t know what to write, just write “i don’t know what to write. i don’t know what to write. i don’t know what to write…….” until your mind sparks like a light bulb.

ok i am done with the introduction of freewriting. the clock is actually counting at this very moment while i am typing. i’ve set myself a 17minutes to write and i’ll see what can i write. i just found out an interesting websites >> the creator of this website is inspired by the notion of letting people write 750words a day. he or she uphold the stance that in order to become a decent if not terrific writer, you must write anything everyday! the idea is quite the same as freewriting. to become better you must practise. the points and rewards in the website could be impetus for writers to write at least 750words everyday. so i am going to try this out every morning. or night. or whenever i have the time. could be my diary to jot down what i feel of that day. or as a planner for that day. shit i am lagging. the facebook notifications just became 2. what could it be? tag or replies or someone has posted on my wall while i am free-writing? aha it just became 3. shit this sounds stupid.

oh yeah today was the first day of chinese new year. dragon year! we all had fun visiting relatives. my niece and nephew are so cute. and my sis just couldn’t stop ranting about her ugly outfits. she rambled that my pretty and feminine cousin was making her feel….. shit i’ve forgotten the word zi bei in english. ok here is the alarm and there goes my first free-writing LOL. happy new year guys =D


2 thoughts on “Free-writing?

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